Consumers receive massive amounts of e-mails in their inboxes, and they have

a limited amount of time to choose which e-mails to read and which to delete.

Smart businesses send e-mail that provides value to the consumer.

What is FaceTime Marketing?

We are a digital marketing firm that creates, designs and deploys custom e-mail marketing campaigns. We provide our clients with e-mail marketing strategies that highly effective and profitable. FaceTime Marketing handles the entire process, providing a completely turnkey solution for staying in touch with your customers.


How the process works

Step One: Strategy Development
We work with you to identify the primary objective of the campaign and then design all elements to run parallel to this goal.

Step Two: Custom Design
The look and feel of the e-mail itself is made to order (no pre-set templates), so it is has continuity with all of your marketing collateral.

Step Three: User Engagement
A critical component in the campaign, we work to ensure that the message captures the recipient’s attention and cultivates engagement, taking them deeper into the e-mail as well your site.

Step Four: Deployment
We use the most current e-mail best practices and methods to provide timely delivery and higher-than-average delivery rates. Our clients typically enjoy higher open rates than industry averages.