Detailed results

After your e-mail is deployed, we provide you with detailed results of the campaign. The reports are highly detailed and you will be able to see exactly who opened the e-mail and what they were interested in.


Get started

Process and strategy matter in the performance of successful e-mail campaigns. FaceTime Marketing works with you to get the process right from the very beginning.

FaceTime Marketing works directly with you to assess the overall objective of your e-mail marketing campaign. We work with you on a detailed and strategic approach to understand your business and how the e-mail campaign can be optimized to produce the best results.

Once we have identified the objective, FaceTime Marketing will design a custom look and feel for your campaign that is congruent with your organization, and has continuity with your other marketing collateral.
Next, we construct the messaging elements for the campaign. This can range from links to relevant articles, white papers or newsletters. These are elements designed to build affinity with your customers and prospects. If the intent of the e-mail is to get customers to buy, we can integrate links back to your site and design incentives. Whatever your objective, we help you organize your message to meet your goals.

After crafting a well-designed message, we deploy your custom campaign. We manage your database—we handle all of the details including opt-ins, additions and segmentation.